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Hi. How's it going? Pretty good here. I see you've come to look at my portfolio or you've googled me and ended up here. If you want to know what I've been doing with my career, whooee you're in luck. Scroll on down, my friend. If you're looking to see what I'm doing with my life, you can head over to my 15-year-old blog I Will Dare, that's where all the juicy stuff is.

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Web Design

Just getting started? Have an ancient website you need to update? Not even sure where to begin? I can help with all that and more.

Writer & Editor

Has Words Will Write

Things I have written [abridged]: blog posts, newsletters, direct mail, an unpublished novel, retail packaging, web pages, email, tweets, speeches, ad campaigns, and presentations.

Buzz Words

I'm not gonna throw them around

SEO, Social Media, keywords, content strategy. I know all those words and I know what to do with them.

Are You Professional?

You betcha

Yeah this website uses the H and the A words. Your website doesn’t have to. Sites should accurately reflect your brand, not mine (except this one, because it’s mine).


Am I really that egotistical? Nah. It's just that sometimes nicknames stick, especially when you shout "I'M A SUPERGENIUS" after you have figured out a particularly difficult problem. Sandy, one of my former-bosses, first called me Supergenius after I did something that involved scalable vector graphics & beta software. I liked the sound of it and decided to keep the name. It was way better than some of my other nicknames: Chromes, Arts Minotaur, Cookie. . . Now most of my clients, a ton of my former co-workers, and even a few friends call me Supergenius. I totally dig it.

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Web Design
Web Content
Rural Health Care Initiative
Dental Advocacy Group
Marketing Site
Megan Macvie
Website for debut author
Aeritae Consulting Group
Web Design
Ignited Fundraising
Web Content/Web Design
Defy the Elements Ad Campaign
I Will Dare
Embrace Contradictions Ad Campaign
Zoom In Newsletter
Social Venture Partners
Web Design
MonkeyBar Management
Web Design

Skills & Abilities

  • 17+ years copywriting experience includes web & social media content, e-commerce, collateral, advertising, press releases, direct mail, and packaging
  • Skilled content strategist who develops smart, useful, and usable web content
  • Creative, talented writer who delivers engaging, targeted copy
  • Ability to write in a variety of styles & voices for diverse audiences and media
  • Able to assist you in domain registration, choosing a web host, setting up email, and dealing with that kind of technical stuff that might scare the average web user (also has the ability to point you in the direction of those more experienced and/or knowledgeable should you have needs that are beyond my skills)
  • Savvy user of Constant Contact, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Twitter, and a variety of other internet services
  • Launched 40+ websites
  • Capable of editing HTML & CSS
  • Works well under pressure and adapts quickly to shifting priorities
  • Flexible, energetic, and hard-working

Web Content
Peanut Butter Lover


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  • Years Kicking Ass for the Working Class

    Is there anything more difficult than writing about yourself for these types of things? I don't think so. I could write your resume without breaking a sweat, but trying to explain my career in a few pithy sentences feels impossible. I've been at it a long time. I know how to do lots of things.

  • 01/15/2005
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    Current Job

    Freelance Supergenius & Writer

    As a freelancer, I wear many hats. Here's a bit of what I do: Develop, customize, and maintain websites using the WordPress content management system; write and edit web content and marketing materials for everything from global corporations to small businesses; assist in the writing, editing, and production of monthly newsletters for nonprofit organizations and businesses; discover, write, and post blog and social media content for clients on a broad range of topics from advertising and design to customer experience and fundraising; just about anything else that involves words or putting words on the web.

  • 11/10/2008 01/14/2013
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    Nerdery Blogger

    While I only worked full-time at the Nerdery for six months, I did end up working as contractor for another five years after I was laid off. While my main responsibility was updating the blog, I helped out with copywriting whenever it was needed & developed a bunch of web content when the company rebranded (going from Sierra-Bravo to the Nerdery).

  • 10/14/04 03/03/2008
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    Corel Senior Copywriter

    Developed product messaging used throughout product lifecycle; acted as creative director, project manager, and writer for Paint Shop Pro Photo Studio Community Web site; wrote and edited copy for retail software boxes and Web site; created print & online advertising campaigns for national digital photography publications; developed & executed strategic e-commerce e-mail campaigns; managed & wrote the editorial content of monthly newsletter with more than a half million subscribers; and corresponded with, interviewed, and wrote customer profiles. Managed freelance writers and designers.

  • 02/07/03 10/13/04
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    Jasc Software Copywriter

    Acted as creative director for the redesign of; developed integrated marketing campaigns used in print, online, and direct marketing initiatives; collaborated on the creation of market positioning, naming, and branding for 1.0 digital photography software; wrote press releases, brochures, direct marketing pieces, website content, and other marketing materials; and edited books on digital photography and digital scrapbooking. Managed freelance writers and designers

  • 09/14/2001 10/12/2004
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    Jasc Software Content Specialist

    Developed marketing, promotional, and technical content for all products in the Jasc Software portfolio; wrote & coded tutorials for; stripped marketing and technical jargon from existing copy to make it conversational and accessible to non-technical users; made technical material accessible to non-technical users; worked with marketing department to establish and maintain brand voice and corporate tone.


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